Phantom Rose Under the Sea!

Mermaids of the Mists at Phantom Rose Steam region

Phantom Rose Grid is home to an extensive underwater environment for Mermaids, Tritons, divers and anyone who loves the ocean depths!

At the Welcome Area, there is a sign to direct Merfolk to the underwater travel Portal.

The TP lies just beyond the landing point.

The Mer Portal for the Welcome region is located at the Grotto

You can use the Portal to visit Phantom Rose Steam region and the Mermaids of the Mists area. Mermaids of the Mists was created by Lannorra originally at Second Life for a friend. Later, Lannorra re-imagined it with a subtle steampunk flair at Great Canadian Grid and now finally at her own grid.

Our next stop is Phantom Rose Nature region. This region was specifically built to encompass all the outdoor activities one could desire. Look back to a previous post about the Rock Climbing area! However, for our underwater visitors, Nature has a small grotto at Crystal Lake and Olympia Falls where you can then swim the many rivers of the regions, enjoying shallow streams and ferocious white water. Beware the Bears!

Take a trip back in time and visit Phantom Rose Nile. From the landing area, you will be able to travel the region all the way down the Nile, either swimming or riding a dolphin! The Majestic Nile spans the entire 2×2 region offering up a feast for the eyes. Glide past the small town with the Pyramids rising in the distance. Pass by English Inns and fabulous palaces, farms and docks. (You are welcome to transform into a land walker and really see this fascinating region).

Although small, the Mer Cave at Tenshi’s Sanctuary region, is a cool spot to check out. (And get into land walker form to take advantage of all his amazing FREE food products! Developed with his Satyr farm).

No underwater safari would be complete without a visit to Phantom Rose Ocean region. This 4×4 region is dedicated to all the things we love about the sea. For land walkers there are all manner of boats, swimming, beaching, kyacks, places to chill out like Tiki Island and Couples Cove. But my favorite place is the underwater area of Atlantis. As a diver, you can start at the Dive shack Island adjacent to this area. For mer folk, just take the Portal to Atlantis and immerse yourself in this delightful environment!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of all the wonderful places you can explore underwater at the Phantom Rose Grid.

Warmest Regards,


Come visit us in the OS with our grid URL:

You can find more information about the grid at:

Facebook page:

and Twitter:

Holidays at Phantom Rose Grid

The Opera House at the Phantom Rose Grid

Phantom Rose Grid is ready for the Holidays!

The Opera House and Swan Lake are decorated and playing Holiday music.

Swan Lake

The lake is iced over and ready for some skating.

Sip some hot chocolate while listening to traditional Holiday Music.

Head up to Skate Mountain, where you will find free skates and Lannorra’s Auto Skater!

Skate Mountain is available 24/7 all year round.

Enjoy a light snow and Holiday tunes while you skate hands free,

allowing you to chat with friends! Just click the red pole to rez an Auto Skater.

Watch a video made by Lannorra:

Wishing you all a safe and happy Holiday season

and a joyous New Year!

Warmest Regards,


Phantom Rose Nature: Rock Climbing!

Part 1 of Phantom Rose Grid Region Highlights


Activity Legend

As you can see from the picture above, Phantom Rose Nature has many many activities to enjoy!  Today’s post is about Rock Climbing.


Nature trail map

Trail maps are available at the IDP landing area and also at the region borders from Sanctuary.  Rock climbing is accessed from the Crystal Lake trail (aqua color code).  The Lake has the huge Olympia waterfall, coming from a high mountain top.  On the side of that area is the rock climing area.



rock climbing_001

Lannorra rock climbing.  (I do not recommend doing it in heels, LOL)

rock climbing_002

All the poses used are ones I made using Qavimator.  I looked up pictures of actual rock climbers to design the poses.


rock climbing_003

rock climbing_008

You need to be flexible and careful as you scale this very tall first summit.

rock climbing_010

Hang on!

rock climbing_012

Do not forget to celebrate reaching the summit!


These are just a few pictures of the climb.  There are two tracks up, so you and a friend can race each other to the top!  🙂


I hope you will visit and try the climb.  Please drop a snapshot of your journey on me so we can make a bragging wall of those who made the climb!  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.  And special shoutout to my good friend Tenshi Engel, who helped with the landscaping at Nature.  He took my work to the next level.

I will be blogging about more of the activities at PR Nature soon!


Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion

Official opening of Phantom Rose Grid Jan 24!

PR GRID Splash

A year in the making, Phantom Rose Grid is officially open on Friday, January 24, 2020!

The website has been updated and there are 9 regions ready for visitors, with more to come in 2020.  The orignal Phantom Rose sim has been recreated as the Welcome area, along with new Regions.


PR Welcome

A recreation of the first Phantom Rose from 2007-2015 Second Life.  Many of the most beloved builds are there, including the iconic Opera House, which was the site of so many new performing artists in Second Life.


PR logo for Steam 512

First created at Great Canadian Grid, Phantom Rose Steam Region (2×2) is an expansion of that subtle steampunk take on Phantom Rose.  An homage to Jules Verne, one of my favorite authors in my childhood, I am planning on bring you Mysterious Island and Journey to the Center of the Earth this year!


PR Nile Logo

A greatly expanded version of Phantom Rose Egyptian Adventure at 3rd Rock Grid, Phantom Rose Nile (2×2), has so many activities, free (legal) gifts and interests to explore!


PR Ocean logo

Phantom Rose Ocean is a new region (4×4).  For merfolk and divers, there is a large underwater area featuring Atlantis.  Teeming with aquatic creatures, wrecks and ruins, this is a divers paradise.  At the Marina there are boats, jetskis, kayaks, tubes and swimmers hub.  Ride over to Tiki Bar Island, Couples Cove or the Diveshack.  Coming in 2020, the new surf beach with surfable waves!



Phantom Rose Nature is another new region (2×2).  There is white water rafting, power boats, kayaks, donkey rides up the mountain, hang gliding, horse ranch with rideble horses, hiking/horse trails with trail maps, Zen Garden meditation retreat and rock climbing (with unique rock climbing poses by Lannorra)!


sanc logo 2020

My friend Tenshi Engel has a 2×2 Region called Sanctuary. His Satyr Farm and Winery are a must see!  From the Satyr farm crops, Tenshi has developed a wide range of products all available for free to his guests!  Amazing food platters, olive oils, wine of all kinds, pies, cookie platters, breads, honey, spices, and much more.  He has a “store” with all kinds of products as gifts and of course the massive spread at the Winery.  His creativity is boundless.  Although not one of the Dimensions of Phantom Rose, I am proud and pleased to have him with me at the Phantom Rose Grid.


In addition to those regions, I also have both of Linda Kellie malls; her original and the newer mesh one, Clutterfly.  I am slowly adding to Clutterfly, other legal freebies I find as a resource to new people in the Opensims.

I am hard at work to open the next region, Bayou, which is a reimaging of my Phantom Rose at Inworldz.  It shares the same theme as my lands there – an emphasis on my role play group Dark Nights, New Orleans and the bayou, but I have made some huge changes.  I hope to have that region open by summer.

All the open regions can be accessed via the Inter-Dimensional Portal (IDP) found at the Welcome area.

I hope you will come check out the many Dimensions of Phantom Rose!


Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion


New Horizons

horizon cropped

The last time I posted (omg, a year ago!), I hinted that I had a new, exciting project.

I am now ready to let you all know what I have been up to!


Last year, my wonderful husband gave me a computer to use as a server for my own Phantom Rose Grid!  (I know right?!)

January 24th 2019, Phantom Rose Grid was born!  Using Fred Beckhusen’s DreamGrid software, we have been able to create and maintain our own Opensim grid.  I have been working this year on basic grid skills to ensure my grid runs properly and also building up a storm.

Phantom Rose is not a commercial grid.  I do not have registering avatars up and I am not renting land.  The grid is fully Hypergridable, so any avatar from other HG grids can visit and I hope you will.

The Welcome sim is a recreation/reimagining of my first Phantom Rose, at Second Life (SL).  I have recreated my famous Opera House, which will be very familiar to those of you who remember the sim before I closed it in 2015.

Back in those days, Christmas was a big deal at Phantom Rose.  The Opera house would be decorated, the canals and Swan Lake would be frozen for skating!  Over the 8 years that I had Phantom Rose at Second Life, many of you came for the fantastic lightshows.  The Trans-Siberean Orchastra Christmas music Lightshow was the most popular every year. So many wonderful memories!

Opera house xmas SL

(Opera House – Second Life, 2014)


(Opera House – Phantom Rose Grid, 2019)

Phantom Rose changed over the 8 years in Second Life, and I have recreated some of the most beloved builds from those years.  Since the SL Phantom Rose was the first, I felt using it for the welcome sim made a lot of sense.  Its not a replica.  I have actually given more space to the Opera House, which allows for an expanded Phantom’s Lair underneath.  🙂  You still have to search for entrance!


Over the years, I have expanded to other grids in the Open Sim metaverse, 3RD Rock Grid, Great Canadian Grid, Discovery Grid, Digiworldz and the closed grid, Inworldz.  I have done several posts on this.  I have no intention of leaving these other grids.  I love each of the grids I have land at, for different reasons.

However, after the heart-breaking loss when Inworldz went down permantly, I felt the need to have more control over my virtual life.  I have been a big supporter of the opensims over the years.  I joined 3rd Rock Grid and several others back in 2008.  It has been amazing to watch the progress.  I now feel like the OpenSims have become a very viable option for those of us who like to create and live in virtual worlds but want a more affordable option than Second Life.  Do we have all the cool things that SL has?  No.  Does that matter to me?  No.  I look at it as more opportunity to grow as a creator.  I recently wanted rock climbing poses for my Nature region.  So I rolled up my sleeves and made some!  🙂  I will not lie.  If they had been for sale, I would have bought them most likely.  LOL.  And we do have a marketplace that is growing all the time.  And there are many of us that give away legal CCA Freebies.  Yes there is questionable content out here, but let me tell you, there is IN SL also.  I remember, a number of times that Second Life deleted items from my inventory that I had BOUGHT at stores in SL.  There was no good way to tell in SL either whether it was stolen or not.  So those who label the Opensims as the center of copybot piracy are not being honest or they are woefully misinformed.  I applaud and financially support Opensim merchants!


Phantom Rose Grid is not officially open yet, however it is fully HG operable.  If you want to stop by and and get a sneak peek, you can find the address at  I am not advertising yet.  I am hoping to feel ready for an official opening sometime by end of January, 2020.  I am aiming for the 24th, since that will be the 1st anniversary of the grid.  If you come, please take the information at the landing point.  It explains the grid wide teleport and the regional tps.  I also have the Linda Kellie freebie malls, both the original and the mesh Clutterfly one.  I find these a very good place to start for beginners or non-builders.

My next post will introduce the regions that are ready besides welcome.  Oh my, so many projects, so little time!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season and a joyful New Year!

Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion



Time Flies

PR cameo

Wow, so its almost Christmas!  Time has flown by quickly this year.  I have had many personal changes; some sad, some exciting.

Phantom Rose, too, has had many changes this year; some sad, some exciting.

On the sad side, I made a very difficult decision to leave Inworldz, closing up all my stores and my sims.  And then of course this year Inworldz closed.  On the exciting side, I expanded Phantom Rose into several other grids!

“So exactly what the heck have you been doing for Phantom Rose, these days Lannorra?” you ask.  Not as much as I would like to, is my reply.  LOL.

So here is a summary of where I am and what projects I am working on:


Great Canadian Grid

PR logo for GCG copy

The Great Canadian Grid is my flagship location.

Phantom Rose with a subtle steampunk flair!

What’s new?

I added a freebie store at the Boutiques at the Square!  There you will find many customized freebies for your holiday decorating.  You will recognize the bones of these items mostly from the Linda Kellie collection, that I have re-textured, colored, added animations and otherwise made a bit unique.

Coming soon!

I will be adding some 24/7 quests for visitors to earn some unique prizes.

Although not new, I want to remind you that Phantom Mists is open and is the official home of Mermaids of the Mists!  It has a full sim of underwater delights for Mermaids, Mer folk and Divers to explore!  Marine life, coral reefs, ship wrecks, Mermaid Dance pavilion with an original Mer dance animation that I made and more!




3rd Rock Grid

3rg PR Logo

3rd Rock Grid Phantom Rose Egyptian Adventure!

What’s New?

I am almost done with the scripting for the characters needed for the Interactive aspects for this sim.  The Case of the Missing Mummy, has a collection of NPC, mesh and cutout people that guests are able to “talk” to.  Each character will have valuable information about the mystery that could lead a guest to finding the Missing Mummy and winning a trophy and medallion.  The characters each have their own personalities, with various levels of helpfullness.  Some give up their clues easily, others will be evasive and annoying!  Perserverence is the key.

While the mystery is not completed and implemented yet, the sim can still be visited.  There are balloon and camel rides, and many sites to discover.  The only build not completed is the Lotus Rose Palace, which needs work on the inside.  Due to RL issues, (my parents illnesses/passing and a physical move), I have been running behind my original time table.  But I do hope to have the Mystery up and running in the first quarter of 2019.





Digiworldz Grid

Phantom Rose logo Digiworldz

Phantom Rose at Digiworldz!

What’s New?

Um, well… nothing.  My tentative plans are to make a 1920’s, Great Gatsby style Phantom Rose.  At this point, all I have done is the Logo.  LOL.  So many projects… so little time.  🙂

Right now my PR var is a sandbox, where I work on small projects.  But as I finish projects that are in progress now, I hope to free up time to start on a new version of Phantom Rose.



Discovery Grid

My work at Discovery Grid is not about Phantom Rose.  Long before I conceived the idea for Phantom Rose, I had a castle named Dragons Heart.

So at Discovery my land is Dragons Heart and I have been puttering around making a castle and Dragon’s Lair, etc.  Its an 8×8 var, which is HUGE.  I had no idea how large til I got it and realized just how big that is!  I have to teleport around the var as its too big to just fly.  However, it gives a ton of water space for boating and lots of area between builds.

What’s New?

Well, I have been working on the Medieval like Village called South Port.  It’s coming along and been fun.  I am mainly using freebies that I customize and some things I buy.  Low stress and comes together more quickly.

The Castle is mostly done and the Dragon’s Lair is impressively sized!  I do not have a TP system in yet, but feel free to stop by and see what I have been doing.




I hope to get the 3RG Mystery up and running this winter.  I have some other very interesting things in the works, but it’s too soon to talk about them.  But there is a big news thing coming…  hehe.  You will just have to keep checking my website at: and my blog to see what I’ve got up my sleeve.  🙂

Thank you to all my friends and those who are interested in my work and Phantom Rose.  My website will be reaching a milestone anniversary of 12 YEARS in 2019!  Phantom Rose in Second Life opened its doors to my first renters in July 2007.  It has been my pleasure to share my creative vision with you all.

Wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year!

Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion

Life Goes On…

My last post was in April and I announced that my stores were all closing at Inworldz, as I had made the decision to pull up stakes there and let my multiple sims go.  There were a myriad of reasons why I was leaving.   Although, Inworldz was my focus for years, I had fully joined the metaverse and had land in many opensim grids.  I had often told my friends… “I do not want all my virtual eggs in one basket”.

Now as most of you know, Inworldz has closed down.  😦  It is very sad and although I had left, I still felt apart of the grid.  I gave a lot of my time to Inworldz.  I spent a year of my life volunteering my expertise to help make the Inworldz Roleplay Hub.  It was a wonderful project that so many people worked very hard on.  I also, volunteered for several Inwz birthday projects, most notably for the Magellan Sea Community.  I lived there and served on the board for a number of years.   It is a sad day that a grid with so much going on has closed.  But Life goes on…

The Metaverse

From the beginning of the opensim grids, I made it a point to try and support their progress.  I was an early resident of 3rd Rock Grid and the New World Grid (now known as the FrancoGrid, I beleive).  I wanted Second Life to have competition.  I had felt for a long time that they were too expensive and they did not care about their customers.

When Inworldz came on my radar in 2009, I joined them with an alt, as I did in many grids first.  Then in 2010, Lannorra joined and rented a sim.  Inworldz was rough back then but it kept improving.  By 2012, I decided to bring Phantom Rose there, in preperation for leaving Second Life.  I built some great stuff at Inworldz and I was very happy for long time.

But the opensims were still less expensive for land and what I loved to do more than anything was make new environments.   Exotic ports of call beckoned to me and I could not resist!


Great Canadian Grid

PR logo for GCG copy

I found the Great Canadian Grid when I did some hypergridding from Digiworldz.  I met some great people and their land prices were really really great.  I could not resist and decided to buy land and start a new Phantom Rose with a brand new theme.  All new builds or custom changes to existing builds.  This time Phantom Rose has gone subtly Steam Punk.  There are balloon elevators, steam elevators, a huge eiffle tower like central construct.  I let my imagination soar and I am very please how its turning out.  Although, I managed to finish most of the main sim (there are 4), and am officially open, I was never able to do a huge Grand Opening, as my RL just will not settle down!

Here are a few pictures.  Please come visit, as the pictures cannot really give you the true scope of the buildings!

PR OH Promo

Library Chateau promo

chateau conservatory promo

Maison de la Mer_001

water wheel clock tower_006

water wheel clock tower_004

MM logo1GCG


I cannot say enough about how fun The Great Canadian Grid is.  The people are so nice and welcoming.  The Grid owner, Roddie, is very responsive to his residents and gives a lot of value for your land fees.  They have an active social scene.  Not to be missed, Monday Night Party, where Roddie plays the tunes and the fun is garanteed!

During my time of building at GCG, they had an outage.  Roddie was doing some super maintenance and upgrade, so the grid was down for a couple weeks.  During this time, my interest was caught at 3rd Rock Grid again.


3rd Rock Grid

They still had first sim pricing that was very inexpensive and I could not resist that temptation!  So I started a turn of the century Egyptian theme sim, and decided it would be a Phantom Rose Adventure sim.

Egyptian adventure_013


The Duke and Duchess of Phantom Rose went on an exotic adventure to the Pyramids.  I have had a lot of fun building that and decided towards the end of the build to do an interactive Mystery!  Well that has delayed the opening since my real life got very busy with my parents being ill.  So most of my virtual life has taken a back seat to that for over a year!

Here are some pictures:

Egyptian adventure_125

Egyptian adventure_104

Egyptian adventure_092

Egyptian adventure_152

Egyptian adventure_019

Egyptian adventure_052

Egyptian adventure_004

Egyptian adventure_032

Egyptian adventure_030

Egyptian adventure_023

Egyptian adventure_004

Egyptian adventure_054

There are pyramids with archealogical digs (and NPC archealogists); a museum, the Rose Lotus Palace (the duke and duchess’ home while visiting), the Victoria Hotel, where many english visitors stay, the Souks (shops), bath house, the Midnight Oasis ballroom with dance machine and music 24/7, the docks, Hadji’s jazz bar, Camel rides and Balloon rides and coming soon the interactive mystery!

So I hope to finish the Mystery of the Missing Mummy soon.  It involves getting clues from various characters.  If you solve the mystery, the official Diplomat for the outer Cairo region, will give you a trophy and a prize!  I still have a bit of work to do so, check back with my blog for the Grand Opening, when I have finally finished.


Discovery Grid

Recently I also joined the Discovery Grid.  I am doing a dragon/pirate kind of theme.  I have an 8×8 variable region (OMG SOO BIG!) and plan on pirate boat battles and Dragons flying around.  I have not gotten very far… I do have a castle up for Drax and I, a huge Dragon cave, the start of a town…  Discovery has all their lands connected by oceans which is pretty cool.  It takes a long time to fly or boat anywhere but its very rewarding to see what people are doing from a boat.  My var is called Dragons Heart… feel free to boat or fly thru anytime.



Um, well, er… yeah, I got land there too.  LOL.  Yes, its a sickness.  They had an incredible deal that I could not pass up.  So I have land there and a future plan of maybe doing a Great Gatsby themed Phantom Rose… with bootleggers, flappers and all that Jazz!!

Realistically, I have no idea when I will find the time.  So for now, my land is a sandbox.  sigh… so many projects, so little time.


Whew, so that is a long over due update for my followers.  My time is limited still, but I hope as the many things in my RL settle down, you will see me in one of my many worlds.  I love each and every grid that I build on.  To me, grids are like my kids… you love them all for different reasons and you can never choose between them…  And I hate hearing, Mom loves you best!  No, I love you all.  Smiles.


With Warmest Regards,



New Products at Phantom Rose!


I know I have not posted in quite awhile, but RL Holidays and Family illness kept me very busy.  However, I was working and I am pleased to announce that Gilt – Mermaid now has its first line of Mermaid fins and Mermaid Hair!

Lavish is my first offering for Fins.  And come in several colors:







Each set includes flexi fins for back, arms, legs and tail fins.  There is a detailed rope belt, with mesh sea shells and flexi ties.  You have your choice of a modest scale top or detailed Mesh shell nipple covers.

Each outfit has a coordinating Mermaid Hair that is sold separately.





Each wig has a Jeweled Prim starfish hair ornament with flexi streamers.  The flexi hair moves nicely underwater and has optional face light.

The Lavish series also has two Goth Fins available.





These Fins have same pieces as the non-goth fins, but the details include Spiders.

There are two wigs that are sold separately for these sets:





They both have spider detailed shell hair ornaments!  These flexi hair wigs also include optional face light.

I have been wanting to bring my customers my vision for Mermaid Fins for some time and I am so happy that I can finally announce their arrival!  I am working right now on the first Lavish Merman Fins… coming soon!

Thank you to my many customers.

Your support means the world to me!

Warmest Regards,