Phantom Rose Mer Nation

Akrotiri – The starting region for Phantom Rose Mer Nation

Welcome to the Phantom Rose Grid Mer Nation! If you use opensimworld beacon or the URL from the Akrotiri page, you are taken directly underwater. From there you can explore every Mer folk area ( 8 in all) on the grid underwater via the Mer Portal.

The name Akrotiri is taken from the ancient city of the Minoan’s, which was on the island now known as Santorini, in Greece. As you may know, the legend of Atlantis talks about a prosperous ancient city, named Atlantis, that sunk into the sea in a catastrophe. Many scholars believe this was based on the destruction of the Minoan empire by the eruption of a volcano on Thíra (Santorini), which buried Akrotiri and caused a huge tidal wave that destroyed Knossos (on Crete) and other Minoan port cities and led to the downfall of this once mighty kingdom.

When you land at Akrotiri, you will see some ruins inspired by Minoan culture. As you move into the area, you will see a wall with important information about the grid and about Mer Nation. Right around the corner from the information is the first free gift: Minoan inspired fins, made by Lannorra. There is one for mermaids and one for Tritons. Real life pictures of uncovered wall painting in the Minoan Ruins were used as inspiration to create these unique fins and they are free to guests! There is also a hidden treasure chest to find with another gift. So swim around to find it!

Once you have all the information and gifts, you can use the Mer Portal to access the next Mer area.

Each one has a free gift and a unique atmosphere theme to compliment the region in which it resides.

Phantom Rose Welcome Region: The Grotto

Welcome Region Mer area, The Grotto

The Grotto was the first Mer area for the grid. If you hop to the Grid via your viewer map (instead of using the Akrotiri beacon), you will land at the Welcome Center, where you can use the Regional Teleporter to quickly transport to the Grotto and be underwater. The Grotto is the home of the Alter of Neptune, a place where Mer folk can have a wedding ceremony. There are animations to use for Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Officiant and the Bride and Groom (all made by Lannorra). This is a free area for Mer Guests to use to hold their handfasting/weddings. Not far from the Alter, (at the regional tp landing point) you will find a set of basic fins for Mermaids and Tritons – free for Guests. You can swim the canals of the Welcome Region to the second Mer area.

Phantom Rose Welcome Region: The Mer Playground

Welcome Region Mer Area: Mer Playground

Welcome also houses the Mer Playground. There is a Mer Carousel customed by Lannorra and nearby there is a set of Mer swings that Lannorra put together. You can also, explore the sunken ship and find hidden treasure.

Phantom Rose Bayou Region: The Haunted Lake

Bayou Region Mer Area: The Haunted Lake

The Bayou is the home of The Haunted Lake, as it is called by the locals. Deep beneath the dark, mysterious water lies a sunken village, victim of the swamp. There are ruined cottages, an old church and a forlorn cemetery waiting to be explored. At the Mer Portal you will find another set of basic fins in black for Mermaids and Tritons.

Phantom Rose Steam Region: Mermaids of the Mists

Steam Region Mer Area: Mermaids of the Mists

Mermaids of the Mists (MoM) is a full sim area of underwater delights with a subtle Steampunk vibe. The history of MoM start at the mothership (Second Life), where Lannorra designed and built a huge Mermaid area for a friend. It has been resurrected several times on other grids, but at last is finally home. There are sharks circling over head, a large sunken ship, beautiful coral reefs all teeming with fish, and a temple to explore. Steam is a 2×2 region, so you can swim all the way from MoM throughout the region, passing by Mysterious Island and into the main Harbor and along some smaller rivers.

Also, there is a Mer Dance Pavilion, where you can use a dance circle with a custom made Mer dance by Lannorra.

There is a gift (a subtle steampunk coral reef) for guests near the Mer Portal; follow the signs.

Phantom Rose Nile Region: Mer Area

Nile Region Mer Area: Nile Grotto

The Nile’s Mer area is not as large as some regions, but it has all of the Mighty Nile River to explore with a cool Dolphin Rider. Guests may take their free gift of a Dolphin Rider! Although, you cannot use your rider here, you will find free temp rez Dolphin riders to use. These are the same ones you will get as a gift, (gift dolphin rider is copy, and not temp rez). Take a leisurely ride down the Nile and look in wonder at the many interesting places to see. You may decide to transform to a land walker, in order to explore a huge ancient Pyramid or browse the Souks (marketplaces) for many copy items.

Phantom Rose Ocean Region: Atlantis

Ocean Region Mer Area: Atlantis

The Phantom Rose Ocean is a 4×4 region with 16 sims worth of underwater area to explore. In one part of this massive ocean not far from the Dive Shack island, lies the ruins of Atlantis! Underwater lava flows are still active with occasional small eruptions. Here you will find several ruins of temples, ship wrecks and even a sunken amphitheater! The Mer Portal lands you in a cave/tunnel area and the free gifts is near it – follow the signs. Your gift here, is a free Swordfish rider. You will find a temp rez Swordfish Rider to use at this region. Check out the Atlantis Amphitheater!

There is so much to explore, if you ride out from Atlantis to the south, you may catch up with a pod of whales. Join these gentle giants as they move thru the Ocean.

Phantom Rose Nature Region: Crystal Lake

Nature Region Mer Area: Crystal Lake

The beautiful Phantom Rose Nature Region hosts a small Mer area almost at the foot of the majestic Olympia Falls. Although, this area is small, it gives you access to all of the rivers on the Nature region. Swim thru the white water rapids, merging with the slower lazy rivers, til you finally get to the shallower lazy streams. Its an idyllic region full of scenic treasures and exciting moments. Watch out for the Bears gorging themselves on salmon! The free guest gift is a lovely coral reef.

Sanctuary Region (by Tenshi Engel): The Cave

Sanctuary Region Mer Area: The Cave

Phantom Rose Grid is also the home for a good friend, Tenshi Engel. His Sanctuary Region is a must see for land walkers and Mer folk alike. You follow a narrow path from the landing area and swim up into the Cave. It is a lovely region, with tons of free food, food platters and wine!

Phantom Rose Medieval: The Underwater Kingdom of Lyonesse

Medieval Region Mer Area: The Underwater Kingdom of Lyonesse

The Underwater Kingdom of Lyonesse, lies deep in the waters of the PR Medieval Region. The newest 5×5 region for Phantom Rose Grid, Medieval has some areas still under construction, but Lyonesse is open for guests. This unique area has a wonderful guest gift, a rideable Shark! You will see your gift adjacent to the Mer Portal landing area. There is a temp rez one for you to try out and enjoy as you explore Lyonesse. At the far end of the area is a Seahorse Chariot racing Stadium. With 6 colors to pick from, bring a friend and test your skills in the arena! These chariots are the creation of Lannorra. They are not gifts, but you can use the temp rez versions as much as you want within the 25 sim Medieval region.

I hope you will visit and enjoy the many areas available in the Phantom Rose Mer Nation!

Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion, Owner/creator

Phantom Rose Grid (

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