Time Flies

PR cameo

Wow, so its almost Christmas!  Time has flown by quickly this year.  I have had many personal changes; some sad, some exciting.

Phantom Rose, too, has had many changes this year; some sad, some exciting.

On the sad side, I made a very difficult decision to leave Inworldz, closing up all my stores and my sims.  And then of course this year Inworldz closed.  On the exciting side, I expanded Phantom Rose into several other grids!

“So exactly what the heck have you been doing for Phantom Rose, these days Lannorra?” you ask.  Not as much as I would like to, is my reply.  LOL.

So here is a summary of where I am and what projects I am working on:


Great Canadian Grid

PR logo for GCG copy

The Great Canadian Grid is my flagship location.

Phantom Rose with a subtle steampunk flair!

What’s new?

I added a freebie store at the Boutiques at the Square!  There you will find many customized freebies for your holiday decorating.  You will recognize the bones of these items mostly from the Linda Kellie collection, that I have re-textured, colored, added animations and otherwise made a bit unique.

Coming soon!

I will be adding some 24/7 quests for visitors to earn some unique prizes.

Although not new, I want to remind you that Phantom Mists is open and is the official home of Mermaids of the Mists!  It has a full sim of underwater delights for Mermaids, Mer folk and Divers to explore!  Marine life, coral reefs, ship wrecks, Mermaid Dance pavilion with an original Mer dance animation that I made and more!




3rd Rock Grid

3rg PR Logo

3rd Rock Grid Phantom Rose Egyptian Adventure!

What’s New?

I am almost done with the scripting for the characters needed for the Interactive aspects for this sim.  The Case of the Missing Mummy, has a collection of NPC, mesh and cutout people that guests are able to “talk” to.  Each character will have valuable information about the mystery that could lead a guest to finding the Missing Mummy and winning a trophy and medallion.  The characters each have their own personalities, with various levels of helpfullness.  Some give up their clues easily, others will be evasive and annoying!  Perserverence is the key.

While the mystery is not completed and implemented yet, the sim can still be visited.  There are balloon and camel rides, and many sites to discover.  The only build not completed is the Lotus Rose Palace, which needs work on the inside.  Due to RL issues, (my parents illnesses/passing and a physical move), I have been running behind my original time table.  But I do hope to have the Mystery up and running in the first quarter of 2019.





Digiworldz Grid

Phantom Rose logo Digiworldz

Phantom Rose at Digiworldz!

What’s New?

Um, well… nothing.  My tentative plans are to make a 1920’s, Great Gatsby style Phantom Rose.  At this point, all I have done is the Logo.  LOL.  So many projects… so little time.  🙂

Right now my PR var is a sandbox, where I work on small projects.  But as I finish projects that are in progress now, I hope to free up time to start on a new version of Phantom Rose.



Discovery Grid

My work at Discovery Grid is not about Phantom Rose.  Long before I conceived the idea for Phantom Rose, I had a castle named Dragons Heart.

So at Discovery my land is Dragons Heart and I have been puttering around making a castle and Dragon’s Lair, etc.  Its an 8×8 var, which is HUGE.  I had no idea how large til I got it and realized just how big that is!  I have to teleport around the var as its too big to just fly.  However, it gives a ton of water space for boating and lots of area between builds.

What’s New?

Well, I have been working on the Medieval like Village called South Port.  It’s coming along and been fun.  I am mainly using freebies that I customize and some things I buy.  Low stress and comes together more quickly.

The Castle is mostly done and the Dragon’s Lair is impressively sized!  I do not have a TP system in yet, but feel free to stop by and see what I have been doing.




I hope to get the 3RG Mystery up and running this winter.  I have some other very interesting things in the works, but it’s too soon to talk about them.  But there is a big news thing coming…  hehe.  You will just have to keep checking my website at:   www.phantomrose.com and my blog to see what I’ve got up my sleeve.  🙂

Thank you to all my friends and those who are interested in my work and Phantom Rose.  My website will be reaching a milestone anniversary of 12 YEARS in 2019!  Phantom Rose in Second Life opened its doors to my first renters in July 2007.  It has been my pleasure to share my creative vision with you all.

Wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year!

Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion

Phantom Rose Inworldz Lewt System

starter area_001

Months ago, I mentioned that I had invested in the Lewt System (by Goblin Wares).  This product allows a creator to totally customize a Role Play (RP) Quest/Craft system.  It includes the ability to add a game economy with Merchants along with the items you put out for guests/members to collect and craft.

Its a complex, yet easy to use system for the creator.  It requires a lot of thought and planning.  You need the items, recipes of ingredients needed to craft these items, “nodes” that allow participants to gather the resources needed, and crafting stations used to make each item.

Whew!  Yes it is a lot of work, but it has been fun.  I wanted to offer guests and group members some RP activity 24/7, where the time zones didn’t matter, nor did having anyone else with you.  Lewt can be done alone or with friends.

lewt welcome_001

You must be a member of the Dark Nights RP group.  It is free to join.  Once you have done that, you will be able to use the portal up to the members only area.  On the first level you will find a teleporter that has the Lewt area destination.  Taking the TP lands you here at the Lewt welcome center.  There you will find information, examples of some of the advanced lewt items, a note card giver that gives a complete list of recipes available and the upgraded Lewt Magic containers for sale.

You will see a book on the shelf that you will click to receive your starter kit.  This contains a free basic pouch.  It is not necessary to upgrade, but Magic ones are quite special.

magic containers_001

magic containers_002

Upgraded Magic Containers for Purchase

 Your starter kit will also contain free tools to wear when crafting and beginner recipes to walk you through the process.  You are given Overview, Instructions and Advanced Lewt Note cards.  You can also take the note card with the complete list of recipes to date.  I recently added a brand new item, Voodoo Skull Staff.  And remember, there is NO cost to participate.  The resources are all there to find and once you get them all, you can make the item for free.

Voodoo Staff free RP LEWT item_001

Voodoo Skull Staff with hold animation!  Also glimpse of the top of the Demon Table.

LEWT tables_001

Witch/Druid and Voodoo Tables

LEWT tables_003

I put a lot of great details and high quality textures on them.

So, now you ask… How do we get this great Lewt, Lannorra?  All you do is find the Lewt resources that are placed around the estate and harvest them.


Here is a picture of a Ravenwood Tree, with two raven nests.


Here are two Metal Mines.  You will find multiple resource nodes.  This is because once a resource is harvested, it disappears and goes dormant for a period of time, in order to keep people from “camping” a resource.  Once that one is gone, you need to go find others to complete your list of ingredients.

cloth resource node_001

This is a basket of cloth that you can search for just the upholstery you would like for your beautiful carved chair:

examples of carved table and chairs_001

Advanced recipe items.  You must find the recipe to make these.  Hint, check around the Lewt area for these.

more crafting stations_002

This is what the recipe scrolls look like… when you see one click it!!  Collect all you can find so you can make more great Lewt!

 If you are wearing your pouch or magic container, you can gather the resources and they will be used when you craft the item at the end.  Once you have resources it is often necessary to use several crafting stations.  For example, you collect Ravenwood logs, but will need to craft them into planks to use to make your item.  In that case you will need the wood sawing crafting station:

crafting stations_001

For now all the crafting stations you need are at the Lewt Starter area.

more crafting stations_001

crafting stations_002

However, soon there will be crafting stations in other areas.  I try to make things logical.  So if you are looking for a recipe for a Demon Table, I hope you will think to look at the Demon area for that and some resources.

I hope I have whetted your appetite and you will drop by and try out the system.  I will add new items as time allows.  I also still have two hunts that are offered 24/7 also.

Vampire Blood Hunt (gather blood drops) and the Demonizer Hunt (harvest lost souls of ghosts).  Quest information is available at the Dark Nights Welcome area and the first floor of Bon Temps Mansion, which also has examples of all the prizes you can win if you complete the hunts.

(PS.  I am now working on Merfolk Lewt, stay tuned for more on that!)

Dark Nights Welcome area IZurl:


Warmest Regards, Lannorra

Phantom Rose Estates: Phantom Rose, Phantom Nights, Phantom Mists, Phantom Dreams, Phantom Isles and Phantom Seas

New Ballet Debut at the Phantom Rose Opera House – Inworldz

Snapshot _ Phantom Rose , Phantom Rose (159, 95, 51)

I am so pleased to announce the debut of our first Ballet at the Phantom Rose Opera House on Feb 28, 2016 at 1 pm PST.  Conceived and Directed by Tenshi Domenici, with stage and costuming in collaboration with Lannorra Sion, 50 Shades of Grey – The Ballet is an artistic performance of virtual ballet with chosen tracks from the writer and director.  Inspired by the best selling book and film.  An edgy new production, elegant, surprising… Don’t miss it!  IZurl:  http://places.inworldz.com/Phantom%20Rose/165/75/22

Take a look at our sneak peek video:


The Ballet will encore on March 27, 2016 at 1 pm PST at the Phantom Rose Opera House, Phantom Rose sim, Inworldz Grid.  See IZurl above.

Introducing Tressa Beaumont, Phantom Rose SL Event Manager!


I am so happy and pleased to introduce you all to Phantom Rose’s new Event Manager, Tressa Beaumont.  Tressa has been in Second Life for over 7 years and has lots of experience.  Her sunny personality is a welcomed addition to the Phantom Rose family.

She has been hard at work this month, creating and hosting some GREAT events.  She kicked off Jan with an 80th Birthday celebration for Elvis, fittingly held at the Graveyard!

Last week she hosted a Mermaid and Pirate event with the music of the great Bob Marley!

tressa ^ amber mermaid ready for marley mermaids and pirates underwater bob marley tribute

The event was held at the Mermaid Grotto, which is underwater below Pirate Island.

mermaids and pirates bob marley in full swing

There was a great turnout and the feedback was all positive.

This week Tressa has more fun planned for you:


This Friday, our music will be from the fabulous Michael Buble!

We have a lovely Mermaid Carousel, A Whack a Pirate Game and try your luck on our Wild Whale Ride!  We have free Pirate Outfits or you can wear whatever takes your fancy!  Come as Merfolk or Landwalker, just make sure you get here!  Come Party with us again.  The usual giveaways will be there too.  Have a WHALE of a time (sorry – LOL – See you there).

The Perfect Setting – Beck Howard’s Landscaping at the Dark Fantasy RP HUB

Dark Fantasy Role Play Hub

dark fantasy full view3

For role play, atmosphere is everything.  I was fortunate that a friend of mine, Beck Howard, was available to help create the foundations needed to make Dark Fantasy so special.  The above picture helps to illustrate what I mean.  I gave Beck my “vision” in words,   “I picture a spooky mansion up on a hill. And I need to build a Graveyard and Swamp.  There needs to be a natural flow.”

the bridge looking towards swamp

On bridge looking towards the swamp.

From those minimal words, Beck created a very natural rise from my Graveyard and then back down.  As my thoughts came together on what would be the Interactive Elements for the HUB, Beck honed in on each area.  She used such creativity in “sculpting” the land.  Terraforming is an art in Virtual worlds.  An Beck is an artist of great talent.

Since I had been brought in due to my sim, Phantom Rose, who’s Graveyard and Swamp had those dark elements needed for this genre, I created the HUB’s Graveyard and Swamp with some similar elements.  Beck managed to make a nice cohesive design plan around them.  We collaborated on many aspects, not just the landscaping.

She also helped me finalize my design on the Mansion and helped decorate as well.

vampire mansion2

I love the very dark gothic touches she added to the decorations!

She also created a small pond area.

the pond in blue

This next picture is one of my favorites snapshots I took.  Its extremely real life looking!

dark fantasy landscape2

I took this picture of the stream I insisted we needed.  I love the moonlight glistening off of the water

the moon on the stream

This is a picture of the Wolf Grove (entrance to the Lycan interactive) in progress.  Although not completed, you can see how natural the setting is, with the trees and slight rise, that gives the landscape interest.

approaching the Wolves

We have almost completed the Project.  It has been a labor of love; both of Role Play and of Inworldz.  I have been so lucky to have Beck and Rath join my team.  We all brought our strengths to this effort and it was truly a wonderful experience for me.

The Inworldz Role Play HUB goes live very soon.  I hope you all will stop by and see what we all have created to promote Role play at Inworldz!

The Devil is in the Details – Dark Fantasy Hub @ Inworldz



The Demon subgenre at the Dark Fantasy Genre Role Play Hub, is really impressive.  The main build is by Rathmeous Dagger of The Realm of Vondur at Inworldz.  Rath has made an incredibly evocative area to introduce new and experienced Role Players (RPers) to Demons.


You can see the intricacies of Rath’s build.  I added some great sound and a fun interactive task.  I won’t ruin the suspense by telling you the task that must be performed.  I also had a lot of fun creating the Guide:

Succubus Demon

Succubus Demon

She is one of Balpien Hammerer’s bots and deliciously evil.

Succubuss and Morvran the Raven helper

Here she is with Morvran, the Raven helper.

Follow her instructions and you will receive your Amulet of Safety!

Demon Amulet

Fail and you may find yourself stuck in Hades for a long time…  MUAHAHAHAHA!

dealing with lesser demons

Thanks again to Rath for his great builds.

My next blog post will be on the fabulous work Beck Howard contributed to the landscaping of Dark Fantasy!

The Inworldz Role Play Hub is scheduled to go live December 15th.

Be sure to keep watch for this exciting addition to the grid!

Dark Fantasy HUB @ Inworldz – The Drow Are Coming!


Drow Warrior

This week I want to give you a sneak peek of the Drow area of Dark Fantasy.  Built by Rathmeous Dagger, the Drow area is a great immersive  look at this elusive creature!  Rath has wonderfully depicted the subterranean caverns in which they dwell.


I am working now on a fun and scary interactive Role Play for those visiting this portion of the Dark Fantasy HUB.

I won’t spoil the surprises by explaining here.  You will just have to visit the HUB when it opens to find out!


My thanks to Rathmeous Dagger for being a great creative collaborator and all his hard work to bring the Drow to our Dark Fantasy HUB!

Dark Fantasy Build Progress @ Inworldz

Snapshot _ InWorldz RP Hub (Dark Fantasy), InWorldz RP Hub West

Alter in Stone Circle

Wow its been a very busy week and lots of progress made!  Beck has been busy landscaping Dark Fantasy, and what a job she has done!  She took a barren hilltop with a mansion on it and turned it into a wonderfully creepy and atmospheric Vampire Mansion.

vampire mansion

The Mansion is a customization I made of one of the houses I built for my sim, Phantom Rose.  I added some mist around it; useful for both atmosphere and blocking anything that will take you out of the Role play.

vampire mansion2

This snapshot gives a great look at how effective Beck’s landscaping was!  She is just a wiz at it.

I have started my interactive tasks and I must say, they are really coming out great.  I had a live test today of the Witch area and my testers were suitably impressed!  The bots that Balpien Hammerer made as a starter for InWorldz are just fantastic.  I love them.  Dark Fantasy will have mini quests in each of the sub genre areas.  They are not hard, but I hope they will be entertaining and help our new visitors get a taste of Role Play and what InWorldz has to offer.

Role Play at Phantom Rose – Inworldz

This week I want to talk about my Role Play area at Phantom Rose @ Inworldz called, Dark Nights.



Dark Nights: The Gathering

In the Millienium of the far past, The Great Shattering, sent the Magickal beings of the world into hiding. They lay dormant til the world no longer remembered them and they became myths and legend. But now the shadows are forming once more.
She walked alone through the centuries, searching for others of her kind. Finally, weary of the constant journey, she set down roots in a new world. It was a spot of ancient magick which called to her. The swamps providing the musky smell of the primordial mud; the ocean bringing its calming magick; the humans of the nearby city filled with essence of life and the power of the voodoo resonates in the spirit.

She built her territory and undaunted she continued to send the call for her own kind… the ancient Vampyre.  Finally, after centuries, they made themselves known. Coming together, their numbers are growing. She crafted a safe place for them to come. Deep in the dark nights where none dared go.

So now, The Gathering Begins!   Come all ye magickal creatures of the night! Come to mingle with your own kind! Form once again the Great Clans, Covens and Packs of yore. Come hold the great council once again.

Come to Dark Nights, the Shadows are gathering!


As you know both Phantom Rose’s are what I call, Gothic Romance.  And they both are Vampire friendly.  When I started thinking about what sort of role play I wanted at Inworldz, I knew I wanted to build a really atmospheric space that was versatile enough to be used in many ways.  I came up a space that can be used by any Goth type group.  Vampire, Demon, Lycan, Witches and Voodoo are my main categories.

Dark Nights had to be up in the air, due to the covenant with the Magellan Community.  I devised a strategy of levels to keep the area mostly contained within the Graveyard parcel on the surface.  You start at the surface behind the Graveyard, near Voodoo Marie’s shack.  There you find a door that can only be accessed by members of the group (free open enrollment).


This door takes you to the first level.  Where you have a landing area that has information such as the rules, guidelines, quests, etc.  This starting area leads to a menacing dark wood with a Gothic house, Bon Temps Mansion, at the end.


Around the grounds of this level are group MLP animations.  You can use these animations in your role play. The door to the mansion takes you to the second level, where you find yourself within Bon Temps.  The mansion’s first floor contains a sitting area, with thrones for Vampire or Demons and their minions and a spacious Ballroom.  The second floor houses a conference room and a Ritual Room.


Outside there is a rezzable dance circle that would be appropriate for witches, voodoo or even pagan dancing.  The drums are playable and if you click the skull you will here music from an actual Voodoo ceremony!


Dark Nights is evolving.  I have added the first Quest, Vampire Blood Hunt.  The next Quest, Demonizer, will be up very soon.  These Quests are available 24/7, with no time limits and great prizes.  The area is open to all gothic role play groups to use as long as they follow the Covenant.  I hope you will come check out Dark Nights.