Phantom Rose Second Life Turns EIGHT YEARS Old!

Hello to all my Phantom Rose friends and family.

July marks the 8th birthday for Phantom Rose in Second Life(SL)!

PR promo

Back in 2006, I had most of a mainland sim named Gabara, and I called my area, Dragon Heart Province.  There was a huge cove and I built a medieval-ish area, with pretty castles that I rented out.  It stayed mostly filled and I made some great friends along the way.

DH Province

Cove, Dragons Heart Province

entering the Joust, Sword arena and Fencing complex

Entrance to Jousting and Fencing area

But Mainland was always problematic… fugly neighbors, griefers, lack of control over your land, Linden owned roads and abandoned land, etc.  So I started thinking of owning a private sim.  In the summer of 2007, I decided to rent a sim and see how I liked it.  It was expensive, but since I was renting and had no up front costs (those huge set up fees that LL charged) I felt it was worth the experiment.  So that July I rented a sim and Phantom Rose was born.

fantasia show_006

I wanted to give my renters privacy and I love water, so I came up with the idea to give each castle its own island complete with a private beach.  I wanted to make it easy for people to know what was open, so I designed a central landing point with a rental “board” that was oriented to the sim in north, south, east and west.  I put the rental boxes for the castles on each side correspondingly.

 sunset from castle island

Now when I started to design Phantom Rose, I wanted to do something different.  Since I have always been a big fan of 70’s gothic romance books, Anne Rice vampires and Phantom of the Opera… I came up with an idea of a gothic romance sim.  I knew I wanted an Opera House for the Phantom, but I also wanted the spooky factor, so I built the Graveyard first.  I found some cool scripted piranha fish, that actually will bite you and simulate blood in water… so cool.  They went into the Graveyard cove.  The Graveyard came out really well and has been visited by 100’s of people over the years and was voted in the top 10 gothic graveyards in SL, according to the slGoth Magazine. (great magazine, btw)

    PR vampire ball

I didn’t build the Opera House til last.  It was very intimidating build for me.  I was so afraid it would end up being lame or just not majestic enough.  But over the years, I have had many compliments and great positive feedback and although it is a simple build, I think it has its own granduer and beauty.  Many visitors never find the Phantom’s Lair that lies beneath the Opera House, which is such a shame, since its one of my most favorite spots!  It even has a moving wall.

OH wideshot

 phantoms lair1

So after the launch of my new sim, I was gratified to have many new renters.  Around December 2007, I was offered an opportunity to buy a sim from an old friend who wanted to sell.  The price was right and I decided to jump for it.  This necessitated my rebuilding the entire Phantom Rose in a month and moving all my renters.  Yes, you heard me right.

So I developed a strategy where I got the raw file from my landlord and applied that to my new sim.  Then since I had built everything on the island, I copied each build and set it up on the new sim.  Quite an endeavor.  Then once Phantom Rose was totally recreated, I moved my renters.  It was a huge undertaking that I am proud to say went VERY smoothly.  And I didn’t lose any of my renters in the process.

Over the years, many things changed. I closed Dragons Heart and sold the mainland.  Phantom Rose evolved.  I took out some of the castles and moved my elopements to the sim to help pay for the enormous land fees in SL.  I added Pirate Island and the Mermaid Grotto, the Cathedral, the ski lifts to Skate Mountain, and many other things.  And I branched out to other V world grids, like Inworldz, where I built a new, different Phantom Rose. (see website,

mermaid grotto_001

Mermaid Grotto

But the central hub of Phantom Rose, has always been the Opera House.  I am very proud that the Opera House has been a place of acceptance and creativity for many, many new artists for Eight Years… And it still stands after all this time!   My favorite time for the Opera House is Christmas!

Opera house xmas_003

swan lake winter

I have forged many great friendships thru the Opera House.  You all know who you are!  Smiles.  Eight years… they have flown by.  I celebrate my 10th SL Rez day this August!

Lann 05

2 Day old Lannorra Aug 2005

I want to thank all of my supporters thru the years.  I hope you will all take time to stop by Phantom Rose for one of our birthday events or just to visit.  This next 3 to 4 months will be very busy for me.  I have a lot of RL going on.  So if you don’t see me around, don’t worry.  I am still watching over Phantom Rose and will be in and out.

Warmest Regards,


Phantom Rose Inworldz – Magellan Sea Community

Magellan Sea logo

Phantom Rose is a proud member of the Inworldz Magellan Sea Community.  I was accepted as a member and moved Phantom Rose to a space in the Southern Magellan area several years ago and have been very glad to become a participating member of this wonderful community.

This past year I have been honored to be asked to serve Magellan more formally as its latest Community Liaison Officer and to contribute some articles to their Blog.   I have already posted two articles; one a administrative “catch up” blog to bring members up to date with the latest committee information and just today, an update on the state of sailing for Inworldz.

I will be re-posting these articles to this blog also.  I hope you will find these posts interesting!


Haven’t Met You Yet? Phantom Rose SL Michael Buble Event

buble event2

If you didn’t make it to the Michael Buble event at the Mermaid Grotto on Phantom Rose last night, you really missed a great event!  Tressa Beaumont masterminded this fun night of great music.

buble event3

Tressa outdid herself with decorating the Grotto; giving that smooth, cool vibe to get everyone in the mood.

buble event1

Tressa is holding a weekly themed event at the Mermaid Grotto, Friday nights at 8pm SLT.  Please check our calendar at  If we Haven’t Met You Yet, we hope we will soon!

Elvis Event @ Phantom Rose – Second Life tonight!

elvis cropped copyIt is Elvis’s 80th Birthday Party and in true Phantom Rose style we’re asking everyone to come to the Graveyard dressed as Elvis if they can and if not,


just come as you are and rock along to Elvis tunes for an hour of Fun and Happy Memories of THE KING!  Come rock out at the Happy Birthday Elvis Party, tonight (Friday Jan 9) at 5:30 pm SLT.  (ps the stream will be left to elvis for the night so that anyone wanting to party on is most welcome to do so)  See Y’all There!

GRAVEYARD  : to see our calendar!

BellaDonna Inworldz Fashions releases new style: Urban Goth!

Toxic Levels Complete Ruby

I am please to announce that I have added a new style to my gothic clothing store, BellaDonna Inworldz Fashions.  I am expanding into Urban Goth.  My first offering is called Toxic Levels.  It is a multi-level outfit that you can buy in separate bundles or the complete outfit.

toxic levels_007

The pants bundle comes with a Trench coat with full, flexi-skirt, prim belts, prim Collar and cuffs. There is a sexy jeweled bra and thong worn with open fly pants.

The trench skirt can be removed and made into a long jacket with a belt at the bottom.  You can see the pants detail on the left thigh, its a band of red with 3 black skulls.  (Toxic Levels comes in Ruby, Amethyst or Diamond).

toxic levels_004

Wearing the Long Jacket vs the trench, allows the pants open belt to be show off too.  This belt comes with or without a dangerous looking Knife!toxic levels_031

The Skirt bundle features a sculpted skirt paired with a cropped jacket over a short corset.  The jacket has a prim collar and cuffs and prim belt.

 toxic levels_014

The skirt has a prim belt that can be worn with or without the Knife.

toxic levels_023

The cropped jacket can be removed to reveal a sexy short corset.

skirt top_003

  skirt top_007

And of course there are accessories!

The Toxic Levels Boots, feature straps with colored metal studding and a metal buckle that matches the belt buckle.


And finally, matching jewelry!

toxic levels_017

The “Nails” jewelry set features a necklace show above.  Done in silver it is all prim/sculpty.  It comes with matching piercings.

toxic levels_025

Bent Nail earrings, nose and lip piercings.

toxic levels_027

And finally a Nail belly piercing.

Toxic Levels Pants Set Ruby Toxic Levels Skirt Set Ruby

All of my prim pieces come with a menu driven re-sizer script that can be deleted once you are all set.

I hope you will drop by the store at Phantom Rose – Inworldz and take a look.

BellaDonna Inworldz Fashions – Be Drop Dead Gorgeous!

The Perfect Setting – Beck Howard’s Landscaping at the Dark Fantasy RP HUB

Dark Fantasy Role Play Hub

dark fantasy full view3

For role play, atmosphere is everything.  I was fortunate that a friend of mine, Beck Howard, was available to help create the foundations needed to make Dark Fantasy so special.  The above picture helps to illustrate what I mean.  I gave Beck my “vision” in words,   “I picture a spooky mansion up on a hill. And I need to build a Graveyard and Swamp.  There needs to be a natural flow.”

the bridge looking towards swamp

On bridge looking towards the swamp.

From those minimal words, Beck created a very natural rise from my Graveyard and then back down.  As my thoughts came together on what would be the Interactive Elements for the HUB, Beck honed in on each area.  She used such creativity in “sculpting” the land.  Terraforming is an art in Virtual worlds.  An Beck is an artist of great talent.

Since I had been brought in due to my sim, Phantom Rose, who’s Graveyard and Swamp had those dark elements needed for this genre, I created the HUB’s Graveyard and Swamp with some similar elements.  Beck managed to make a nice cohesive design plan around them.  We collaborated on many aspects, not just the landscaping.

She also helped me finalize my design on the Mansion and helped decorate as well.

vampire mansion2

I love the very dark gothic touches she added to the decorations!

She also created a small pond area.

the pond in blue

This next picture is one of my favorites snapshots I took.  Its extremely real life looking!

dark fantasy landscape2

I took this picture of the stream I insisted we needed.  I love the moonlight glistening off of the water

the moon on the stream

This is a picture of the Wolf Grove (entrance to the Lycan interactive) in progress.  Although not completed, you can see how natural the setting is, with the trees and slight rise, that gives the landscape interest.

approaching the Wolves

We have almost completed the Project.  It has been a labor of love; both of Role Play and of Inworldz.  I have been so lucky to have Beck and Rath join my team.  We all brought our strengths to this effort and it was truly a wonderful experience for me.

The Inworldz Role Play HUB goes live very soon.  I hope you all will stop by and see what we all have created to promote Role play at Inworldz!

Winter Wonderland Phantom Rose Second Life!

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

Phantom Rose winter

Winter snow has fallen, and Phantom Rose @ Second Life is getting ready for the Holiday season!   We have some great events lined up.  We kicked off our Holiday events last night with a fun Skating party at Mountain Skate Park!

skate mountain_004

One of the fun things about this park is the chair lifts you can take to get there.  You can grab a lift from the Main entrance of Phantom Rose

Opera house xmas_008

or from Swan Lake, near the Christmas Tree

Opera house xmas_006

Both are a great ride that gives you panoramic views of Phantom Rose in all her winter glory!

Tonight (6 pm slt) we will be having the first of our annual Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Music Lightshows!  If you have never attended, then you are missing out on a great show.  The show is held just outside the Opera House, on a floating blue glass platform that puts you IN the lightshow itself!

Opera house xmas_001

Saturday brings a special treat!  Our new Opera House director, Tenshi Domenici, will be directing a special Christmas Ballet with Santa’s Toys to Christmas Music on the frozen Swan Lake!  Great music and beautiful Ballet; who could ask for more?  This event preceeds our Snow Flake Ball.  Dancing on the veranda of the Opera house!  The Ballet is 4-5 pm slt and the Ball immediately follows from 5-6 pm slt.

Opera house xmas_003

Then on Sunday, Dec 7th at noon, we will be presenting the latest in our Phantom of the Opera – Interactive Preview.  We are working hard to get this show together and are pleased to give you some sneak peeks of the beautiful sets and audience participation!

Monday brings an encore of the Christmas Ballet, 5-6 pm slt. And Tuesday, we are so excited to have Live singer, Dilah Halorstar, singing at the Opera house from 2-3 pm slt.  Dilah is a long time favorite for our guests and has been singing at the Opera House for most of Phantom Rose’s 7 years.  Please join us for this fabulous entertainer!

Thursday, Dec 11th from 4-5 pm slt, we have a special treat!  DJ Drax will be hosting an Elvis Blue Hawaii Christmas at Pirate Island.  Don your aloha shirt and flip flops for a fun event of Elvis and Christmas!

Our Holiday season of events Finale will be an encore of the fabulous TSO Lightshow on Friday, Dec 12th, from 4-5 pm slt.

 I hope to see many of our Phantom Rose family and friends.  We are in our 8th year here at Phantom Rose!  We wish you all a joyous Holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

The Devil is in the Details – Dark Fantasy Hub @ Inworldz



The Demon subgenre at the Dark Fantasy Genre Role Play Hub, is really impressive.  The main build is by Rathmeous Dagger of The Realm of Vondur at Inworldz.  Rath has made an incredibly evocative area to introduce new and experienced Role Players (RPers) to Demons.


You can see the intricacies of Rath’s build.  I added some great sound and a fun interactive task.  I won’t ruin the suspense by telling you the task that must be performed.  I also had a lot of fun creating the Guide:

Succubus Demon

Succubus Demon

She is one of Balpien Hammerer’s bots and deliciously evil.

Succubuss and Morvran the Raven helper

Here she is with Morvran, the Raven helper.

Follow her instructions and you will receive your Amulet of Safety!

Demon Amulet

Fail and you may find yourself stuck in Hades for a long time…  MUAHAHAHAHA!

dealing with lesser demons

Thanks again to Rath for his great builds.

My next blog post will be on the fabulous work Beck Howard contributed to the landscaping of Dark Fantasy!

The Inworldz Role Play Hub is scheduled to go live December 15th.

Be sure to keep watch for this exciting addition to the grid!

Dark Fantasy HUB @ Inworldz – The Drow Are Coming!


Drow Warrior

This week I want to give you a sneak peek of the Drow area of Dark Fantasy.  Built by Rathmeous Dagger, the Drow area is a great immersive  look at this elusive creature!  Rath has wonderfully depicted the subterranean caverns in which they dwell.


I am working now on a fun and scary interactive Role Play for those visiting this portion of the Dark Fantasy HUB.

I won’t spoil the surprises by explaining here.  You will just have to visit the HUB when it opens to find out!


My thanks to Rathmeous Dagger for being a great creative collaborator and all his hard work to bring the Drow to our Dark Fantasy HUB!

Dark Fantasy Hub @ Inworldz Progress Report

Agatha and Morvran at the Stone Circle

agatha3I was very pleased to finally figure out the scripting for my interactive aspect of the Witches/Druid area.  I spent hours trying to make things happen as I wanted them to.  After a lot of researching commands and swearing over missing semi-colons or brackets, typo’s on variable names…  FINALLY success!

The Coven


I do not want to spoil the experience, so I will not tell you the Role play details, but I think they are very entertaining and certainly very atmospheric!

Snapshot _ RP Hub (Dark Fantasy)  __Sky__AnaLu - outdoor city ni2

Next on my list is the Vampire Mansion… what dangerous games shall we play?

vampire mansion