Phantom Rose Opera House Lastest Production in Second Life

PR opera house

Phantom Rose Opera House – Second Life

The theater troupe is hard at work on our latest production, The Phantom of the Opera – Interactive.  Its a unique new take on an old story with lots of audience participation and in some cases, the audience is a part of the action!  Think of it as: The Phantom meets Rocky Horror Picture show.

theater troupe

Our theater troupe pauses for a picture.

We will be doing a preview of a few scenes coming up in October, so please watch the calendar, as you do not want to miss this special presentation.

We still have some of the supporting roles open, so if you have ever wanted to get involved in the theater, now is a great time.  Please contact either Tenshi Domenici, Opera House Director or Lannorra Sion, Owner/Creator, in Second Life.


Phantom Rose SL has milestone birthday!

July marks the SEVENTH year for Phantom Rose in Second Life.

As many of you know, Second Life is not a game.  It is, as I like to call it, a creative environment.  You can build and make anything you want; anything of your imagination.  I am happy and proud to say that Phantom Rose is my vision, my creation, my dream.

And along with the sim, the Phantom Rose Opera House keeps on going.  Over the years we have had the glory years (2007-2009) and the not so active years.  This past year a new spark lit up the Opera House… Tenshi Domenici!  Tenshi came to me with a request.  He, like many others, loved the Phantom of the Opera and he wanted to do a production based on the story.  To be honest, I was skeptical.  Over the years I’ve had many such requests, which mostly ended up with people drifting away when the actual work needed to be done.  But always the optimist, I welcomed his collaboration and offered my support and guidance.   Much to my delighted surprise, not only did Tenshi start working, he stayed and worked some more!  Until this time when we actually have a production under way for this coming October.  Due to his continued dedication to the Opera House and Phantom Rose, I offered him the position of Opera House Director and he accepted.

He is following in the footsteps of two other great Directors, Bart and Isobel.  Bart was the first director and he brought the Opera House to a place I did not even realize it could go.  Although I had built it, I had no real plan for what to do with it, besides making it a place where new artists could get a start.  Bart was a huge Opera fan and he taught me to appreciate that genre of music and I admired his passion and dedication tremendously.  Bart cared so much about the Opera House and he brought a real sense of authenticity to it.  Isobel was a good friend for many years and she stepped in to help me when I felt exhausted and bereft of ideas and inspiration.  A music teacher with a bunch of knowledge and talent, she was a major force in getting our production of the Opera Romeo and Juliet on stage.  It was ambitious, it was wonderful and it was woefully under attended.  It was a shame since we put so much of ourselves in to the production.  But I don’t regret a moment of that work.

Seven years… seven years and Phantom Rose and the Opera House are still standing.  I want to thank  the hundreds of people that have visited Phantom Rose and the Opera House.  So many people have left me IMs of thanks for giving them such a wonderful place to go and a few donations.  I thank you all.

We have a few more events this month to celebrate this amazing milestone and I hope you will check the calendar and join us.

Warmest Regards,  Lannorra

Phantom Rose Second Life Sixth Birthday Celebration Ends this week!

Phantom Rose’s Sixth Year Birthday celebration is almost over.  This week we have Dilah Halostar singing LIVE at the Opera House on Tuesday, July 30th at noon slt.

And the month ends with our Wednesday Live Broadcast of SHOW TUNES, at Market Square.

Please drop by and wish Phantom Rose Happy Birthday!

Phantom Rose (Second Life) Events this week!


Monday, July 15th, 5 pm slt, fabulous LIGHTSHOW using the music of the 3 Tenors!  This is a casual outdoor event held @ the Opera House Veranda.

Wednesday, July 17th, 3 pmslt, SHOW TUNES, is broadcast LIVE.  This week is My Fair Lady.  Held at Market Square, don’t miss this unique live Radio broadcast.  Every Wednesday from 3-4 pm slt.

Saturday, July 20th, 3 pmslt, DEBUT BALLET:  Pan & Syrinx, from Just Dance!  Based on the legend of Pan, this original ballet uses the haunting music of Debussy, Saen-Saint, Vivaldi and a fantastic finale featuring Ravel’s Bolero!  Performed at the Phantom Rose Opera House Sky Stage.

Sunday, July 21st, 1pmslt, ENCORE of BALLET.

Don’t miss these great events or the others planned for this SIXTH YEAR anniversary of Phantom Rose!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra Sion

Phantom Rose (Second Life) Turns SIX YEARS OLD!!

Wow, six years have gone by so quickly.  When I first created Phantom Rose in 2007, I had a mainland sim that I called Dragon’s Heart Province.  It was a pretty medieval sim with castles around a huge Cove right on the sim edge.  But like many creators, I was frustrated with the limitations of owning a mainland sim and wanted more control.  So I came up with a new concept.  A “Gothic Romance” theme, as I described it.  My inspiration was taken from the glorious stage play, Phantom of the Opera and from the many vampire books I read, chief among them, tales from Anne Rice.  So I built my vision of a beautiful, peaceful land, with a slight dangerous edge.  The Opera House was the physical and metaphorical center of Phantom Rose.  It housed the Phantom’s Lair, my homage to Phantom of the Opera and over the years has been the starting place for many performers in Second Life.  In my first several years, I was blessed with the help of Bartolomeo Weatherwax, a knowledgeable fan of Opera to run the Opera House.  Bart did many wonderful shows and was a huge reason that the Opera House flourished.  I have been so blessed over the years with wonderful friends and SL family.  As the economy of  Second Life has gotten challenging, I consider it a major feat that Phantom Rose still exists and still offers performers around the globe a free place to get started.

I have planned quite a number of events for July, in celebration of this major Milestone in Phantom Rose’s history.  Just Dance! will be presenting a beautiful Ballet this month.  It will be offered twice in different times to hopefully give many people a chance to see it.  It will be performed at the Opera House Sky Stage and there will be limited seating.  I’ve also planned several lightshows, which in the past have been so popular.   Please check the calendar from the website for more information and show times.

I hope to see many of my friends and supporters this month.  Please stop by even to just say hello.

Warmest Regards, Lannorra Sion