New Horizons

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The last time I posted (omg, a year ago!), I hinted that I had a new, exciting project.

I am now ready to let you all know what I have been up to!


Last year, my wonderful husband gave me a computer to use as a server for my own Phantom Rose Grid!  (I know right?!)

January 24th 2019, Phantom Rose Grid was born!  Using Fred Beckhusen’s DreamGrid software, we have been able to create and maintain our own Opensim grid.  I have been working this year on basic grid skills to ensure my grid runs properly and also building up a storm.

Phantom Rose is not a commercial grid.  I do not have registering avatars up and I am not renting land.  The grid is fully Hypergridable, so any avatar from other HG grids can visit and I hope you will.

The Welcome sim is a recreation/reimagining of my first Phantom Rose, at Second Life (SL).  I have recreated my famous Opera House, which will be very familiar to those of you who remember the sim before I closed it in 2015.

Back in those days, Christmas was a big deal at Phantom Rose.  The Opera house would be decorated, the canals and Swan Lake would be frozen for skating!  Over the 8 years that I had Phantom Rose at Second Life, many of you came for the fantastic lightshows.  The Trans-Siberean Orchastra Christmas music Lightshow was the most popular every year. So many wonderful memories!

Opera house xmas SL

(Opera House – Second Life, 2014)


(Opera House – Phantom Rose Grid, 2019)

Phantom Rose changed over the 8 years in Second Life, and I have recreated some of the most beloved builds from those years.  Since the SL Phantom Rose was the first, I felt using it for the welcome sim made a lot of sense.  Its not a replica.  I have actually given more space to the Opera House, which allows for an expanded Phantom’s Lair underneath.  🙂  You still have to search for entrance!


Over the years, I have expanded to other grids in the Open Sim metaverse, 3RD Rock Grid, Great Canadian Grid, Discovery Grid, Digiworldz and the closed grid, Inworldz.  I have done several posts on this.  I have no intention of leaving these other grids.  I love each of the grids I have land at, for different reasons.

However, after the heart-breaking loss when Inworldz went down permantly, I felt the need to have more control over my virtual life.  I have been a big supporter of the opensims over the years.  I joined 3rd Rock Grid and several others back in 2008.  It has been amazing to watch the progress.  I now feel like the OpenSims have become a very viable option for those of us who like to create and live in virtual worlds but want a more affordable option than Second Life.  Do we have all the cool things that SL has?  No.  Does that matter to me?  No.  I look at it as more opportunity to grow as a creator.  I recently wanted rock climbing poses for my Nature region.  So I rolled up my sleeves and made some!  🙂  I will not lie.  If they had been for sale, I would have bought them most likely.  LOL.  And we do have a marketplace that is growing all the time.  And there are many of us that give away legal CCA Freebies.  Yes there is questionable content out here, but let me tell you, there is IN SL also.  I remember, a number of times that Second Life deleted items from my inventory that I had BOUGHT at stores in SL.  There was no good way to tell in SL either whether it was stolen or not.  So those who label the Opensims as the center of copybot piracy are not being honest or they are woefully misinformed.  I applaud and financially support Opensim merchants!


Phantom Rose Grid is not officially open yet, however it is fully HG operable.  If you want to stop by and and get a sneak peek, you can find the address at  I am not advertising yet.  I am hoping to feel ready for an official opening sometime by end of January, 2020.  I am aiming for the 24th, since that will be the 1st anniversary of the grid.  If you come, please take the information at the landing point.  It explains the grid wide teleport and the regional tps.  I also have the Linda Kellie freebie malls, both the original and the mesh Clutterfly one.  I find these a very good place to start for beginners or non-builders.

My next post will introduce the regions that are ready besides welcome.  Oh my, so many projects, so little time!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season and a joyful New Year!

Warmest Regards,

Lannorra Sion



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