Introducing Tressa Beaumont, Phantom Rose SL Event Manager!


I am so happy and pleased to introduce you all to Phantom Rose’s new Event Manager, Tressa Beaumont.  Tressa has been in Second Life for over 7 years and has lots of experience.  Her sunny personality is a welcomed addition to the Phantom Rose family.

She has been hard at work this month, creating and hosting some GREAT events.  She kicked off Jan with an 80th Birthday celebration for Elvis, fittingly held at the Graveyard!

Last week she hosted a Mermaid and Pirate event with the music of the great Bob Marley!

tressa ^ amber mermaid ready for marley mermaids and pirates underwater bob marley tribute

The event was held at the Mermaid Grotto, which is underwater below Pirate Island.

mermaids and pirates bob marley in full swing

There was a great turnout and the feedback was all positive.

This week Tressa has more fun planned for you:


This Friday, our music will be from the fabulous Michael Buble!

We have a lovely Mermaid Carousel, A Whack a Pirate Game and try your luck on our Wild Whale Ride!  We have free Pirate Outfits or you can wear whatever takes your fancy!  Come as Merfolk or Landwalker, just make sure you get here!  Come Party with us again.  The usual giveaways will be there too.  Have a WHALE of a time (sorry – LOL – See you there).


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