BellaDonna Inworldz Fashions releases new style: Urban Goth!

Toxic Levels Complete Ruby

I am please to announce that I have added a new style to my gothic clothing store, BellaDonna Inworldz Fashions.  I am expanding into Urban Goth.  My first offering is called Toxic Levels.  It is a multi-level outfit that you can buy in separate bundles or the complete outfit.

toxic levels_007

The pants bundle comes with a Trench coat with full, flexi-skirt, prim belts, prim Collar and cuffs. There is a sexy jeweled bra and thong worn with open fly pants.

The trench skirt can be removed and made into a long jacket with a belt at the bottom.  You can see the pants detail on the left thigh, its a band of red with 3 black skulls.  (Toxic Levels comes in Ruby, Amethyst or Diamond).

toxic levels_004

Wearing the Long Jacket vs the trench, allows the pants open belt to be show off too.  This belt comes with or without a dangerous looking Knife!toxic levels_031

The Skirt bundle features a sculpted skirt paired with a cropped jacket over a short corset.  The jacket has a prim collar and cuffs and prim belt.

 toxic levels_014

The skirt has a prim belt that can be worn with or without the Knife.

toxic levels_023

The cropped jacket can be removed to reveal a sexy short corset.

skirt top_003

  skirt top_007

And of course there are accessories!

The Toxic Levels Boots, feature straps with colored metal studding and a metal buckle that matches the belt buckle.


And finally, matching jewelry!

toxic levels_017

The “Nails” jewelry set features a necklace show above.  Done in silver it is all prim/sculpty.  It comes with matching piercings.

toxic levels_025

Bent Nail earrings, nose and lip piercings.

toxic levels_027

And finally a Nail belly piercing.

Toxic Levels Pants Set Ruby Toxic Levels Skirt Set Ruby

All of my prim pieces come with a menu driven re-sizer script that can be deleted once you are all set.

I hope you will drop by the store at Phantom Rose – Inworldz and take a look.

BellaDonna Inworldz Fashions – Be Drop Dead Gorgeous!


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