The Perfect Setting – Beck Howard’s Landscaping at the Dark Fantasy RP HUB

Dark Fantasy Role Play Hub

dark fantasy full view3

For role play, atmosphere is everything.  I was fortunate that a friend of mine, Beck Howard, was available to help create the foundations needed to make Dark Fantasy so special.  The above picture helps to illustrate what I mean.  I gave Beck my “vision” in words,   “I picture a spooky mansion up on a hill. And I need to build a Graveyard and Swamp.  There needs to be a natural flow.”

the bridge looking towards swamp

On bridge looking towards the swamp.

From those minimal words, Beck created a very natural rise from my Graveyard and then back down.  As my thoughts came together on what would be the Interactive Elements for the HUB, Beck honed in on each area.  She used such creativity in “sculpting” the land.  Terraforming is an art in Virtual worlds.  An Beck is an artist of great talent.

Since I had been brought in due to my sim, Phantom Rose, who’s Graveyard and Swamp had those dark elements needed for this genre, I created the HUB’s Graveyard and Swamp with some similar elements.  Beck managed to make a nice cohesive design plan around them.  We collaborated on many aspects, not just the landscaping.

She also helped me finalize my design on the Mansion and helped decorate as well.

vampire mansion2

I love the very dark gothic touches she added to the decorations!

She also created a small pond area.

the pond in blue

This next picture is one of my favorites snapshots I took.  Its extremely real life looking!

dark fantasy landscape2

I took this picture of the stream I insisted we needed.  I love the moonlight glistening off of the water

the moon on the stream

This is a picture of the Wolf Grove (entrance to the Lycan interactive) in progress.  Although not completed, you can see how natural the setting is, with the trees and slight rise, that gives the landscape interest.

approaching the Wolves

We have almost completed the Project.  It has been a labor of love; both of Role Play and of Inworldz.  I have been so lucky to have Beck and Rath join my team.  We all brought our strengths to this effort and it was truly a wonderful experience for me.

The Inworldz Role Play HUB goes live very soon.  I hope you all will stop by and see what we all have created to promote Role play at Inworldz!


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