The Devil is in the Details – Dark Fantasy Hub @ Inworldz



The Demon subgenre at the Dark Fantasy Genre Role Play Hub, is really impressive.  The main build is by Rathmeous Dagger of The Realm of Vondur at Inworldz.  Rath has made an incredibly evocative area to introduce new and experienced Role Players (RPers) to Demons.


You can see the intricacies of Rath’s build.  I added some great sound and a fun interactive task.  I won’t ruin the suspense by telling you the task that must be performed.  I also had a lot of fun creating the Guide:

Succubus Demon

Succubus Demon

She is one of Balpien Hammerer’s bots and deliciously evil.

Succubuss and Morvran the Raven helper

Here she is with Morvran, the Raven helper.

Follow her instructions and you will receive your Amulet of Safety!

Demon Amulet

Fail and you may find yourself stuck in Hades for a long time…  MUAHAHAHAHA!

dealing with lesser demons

Thanks again to Rath for his great builds.

My next blog post will be on the fabulous work Beck Howard contributed to the landscaping of Dark Fantasy!

The Inworldz Role Play Hub is scheduled to go live December 15th.

Be sure to keep watch for this exciting addition to the grid!


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