Dark Fantasy Build Progress @ Inworldz

Snapshot _ InWorldz RP Hub (Dark Fantasy), InWorldz RP Hub West

Alter in Stone Circle

Wow its been a very busy week and lots of progress made!  Beck has been busy landscaping Dark Fantasy, and what a job she has done!  She took a barren hilltop with a mansion on it and turned it into a wonderfully creepy and atmospheric Vampire Mansion.

vampire mansion

The Mansion is a customization I made of one of the houses I built for my sim, Phantom Rose.  I added some mist around it; useful for both atmosphere and blocking anything that will take you out of the Role play.

vampire mansion2

This snapshot gives a great look at how effective Beck’s landscaping was!  She is just a wiz at it.

I have started my interactive tasks and I must say, they are really coming out great.  I had a live test today of the Witch area and my testers were suitably impressed!  The bots that Balpien Hammerer made as a starter for InWorldz are just fantastic.  I love them.  Dark Fantasy will have mini quests in each of the sub genre areas.  They are not hard, but I hope they will be entertaining and help our new visitors get a taste of Role Play and what InWorldz has to offer.


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