BellaDonna Fashions – Gothic Romance Clothing

BellaDonna Ad copyright

I started BellaDonna Fashions at Inworldz about a year ago.  I noticed there were not many Gothic Romance fashion options out there and I love those types of clothes.  So I started making things I like to wear and opened the store.

BellaDonna Classifided AD

I must have struck a cord, as others have found my store and the feedback has been great!  I also branched out into making jewelry and boots to go with each outfit.  The picture above shows my Midnight Gothic Tears Armbands.

MTG necklace blue

I added a Necklace and earring set to the line.  The picture above is one example.

MTG boots red

And finally boots. I have ankle boots also.

As the time went by, I expanded with Fantasy and Vampress outfits, and coming soon, Urban Goth.

This has been a really interesting and gratifying creative outlet for me.  I have definitely increased my Photoshop skills!  It does take a lot of time to create each outfit. I equip all prim items with a sizing script that can be deleted once you have it fitting the way you want.  And I create each outfit in 3 or more color choices generally.  Then I move on to the jewelry, boots and any accessories.  THEN, I need to take pictures of everything… for each color and Photoshop the vendor picture and ads I use. After that, I can box them up after making sure all the permissions are set correctly.  And add to my vendors!  Whew.

So I hope my customers can understand why it takes me a while to put out a new outfit!


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