Role Play at Phantom Rose – Inworldz

This week I want to talk about my Role Play area at Phantom Rose @ Inworldz called, Dark Nights.


Dark Nights: The Gathering

In the Millienium of the far past, The Great Shattering, sent the Magickal beings of the world into hiding. They lay dormant til the world no longer remembered them and they became myths and legend. But now the shadows are forming once more.
She walked alone through the centuries, searching for others of her kind. Finally, weary of the constant journey, she set down roots in a new world. It was a spot of ancient magick which called to her. The swamps providing the musky smell of the primordial mud; the ocean bringing its calming magick; the humans of the nearby city filled with essence of life and the power of the voodoo resonates in the spirit.

She built her territory and undaunted she continued to send the call for her own kind… the ancient Vampyre.  Finally, after centuries, they made themselves known. Coming together, their numbers are growing. She crafted a safe place for them to come. Deep in the dark nights where none dared go.

So now, The Gathering Begins!   Come all ye magickal creatures of the night! Come to mingle with your own kind! Form once again the Great Clans, Covens and Packs of yore. Come hold the great council once again.

Come to Dark Nights, the Shadows are gathering!


As you know both Phantom Rose’s are what I call, Gothic Romance.  And they both are Vampire friendly.  When I started thinking about what sort of role play I wanted at Inworldz, I knew I wanted to build a really atmospheric space that was versatile enough to be used in many ways.  I came up a space that can be used by any Goth type group.  Vampire, Demon, Lycan, Witches and Voodoo are my main categories.

Dark Nights had to be up in the air, due to the covenant with the Magellan Community.  I devised a strategy of levels to keep the area mostly contained within the Graveyard parcel on the surface.  You start at the surface behind the Graveyard, near Voodoo Marie’s shack.  There you find a door that can only be accessed by members of the group (free open enrollment).


This door takes you to the first level.  Where you have a landing area that has information such as the rules, guidelines, quests, etc.  This starting area leads to a menacing dark wood with a Gothic house, Bon Temps Mansion, at the end.


Around the grounds of this level are group MLP animations.  You can use these animations in your role play. The door to the mansion takes you to the second level, where you find yourself within Bon Temps.  The mansion’s first floor contains a sitting area, with thrones for Vampire or Demons and their minions and a spacious Ballroom.  The second floor houses a conference room and a Ritual Room.


Outside there is a rezzable dance circle that would be appropriate for witches, voodoo or even pagan dancing.  The drums are playable and if you click the skull you will here music from an actual Voodoo ceremony!


Dark Nights is evolving.  I have added the first Quest, Vampire Blood Hunt.  The next Quest, Demonizer, will be up very soon.  These Quests are available 24/7, with no time limits and great prizes.  The area is open to all gothic role play groups to use as long as they follow the Covenant.  I hope you will come check out Dark Nights.


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